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Founded in 2014, Euro Travel LLC is a tour operator based in Ulan-Bator, Mongolia with more than 50 employees. We specialize in inbound and outbound tours. We are registered under Outbound Tour Operator License No. OTO/842 and Inbound Tour Operator License No. ITO841/C. Euro Travel LLC is receiving tourists from all over the world and at the same time, routinely organizing outbound tour to European countries and USA West Coast. At present company has broadened the activities and has organized new tours as follows:

  1. European tour - Seven country tour – France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Austria (13 days 12 nights)
  2. USA west bank tour - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas  (7 days 6 nights)
  3. United Kingdom Tour – London (7 days 6 nights)
  4. Russia tour - Irkutsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ulan-Ude
  5. Local tour - Khusvsgul, Gobi, Long tour, Khangai mountain range tour, Naadam festival tour, Eagle hunting festival tour
  6. Tourist camp located on the bank of Khuvsgul lake bank
  7. Tourist camp located on the way from Tsonjin Boldog to Chinggis statue

Up to present “Đ•uro Travel” LLC  has successfully organized tours in total for more than 1800 tourists to France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Italy, Vatican, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Leichteishtein, Austria, Czech, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, USA and China. 

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Company structure and organization

The company was founded in 2014 in a group of 4 people and now it has expanded with 21 people. Company structure is shown on picture below.

Our Team

  • Ganzorig Tsedendash

    Director and Founder

    Ganzorig founded the company in 2014 to combine his background and continuing passion for tourism with what he had learnt from ten years in the travel business.

    He received a BA degree in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

    After spending years in both Czech and France, he turned to specialist tour operating. This allows him to retain a leading role in the planning of the company’s tours and festivals and in shaping company strategy, policies and practices.

Our Team

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